Smart dog owners choose Enviro-Poo for their pet waste removal. Save time!

You love your dog but you hate the dog poop, living in a service society is it that outrageous to pay someone to pick it up? 

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Our pet waste removal service is the best way to go. We provide the following services:

Dog Poop Removal 

Goose Poop Removal 

Litter Box Cleaning 

Odor Control

About Us


Meet the Owner

 Alan Turner, owner of Enviro-Poo LLC says, "Being able to offer a pooper scooper service like ours in the community I grew up in makes me smile. 

From the elderly client that loves her dog but physically can't do it, to the mom of triplets who doesn't have the time, we’re making a difference for a lot of folks!" 


Family Owned

 You want a locally owned company that you can trust. Enviro-Poo LLC is just that company. Since 2017 Enviro-Poo LLC has been helping dog owners take care of their dogs by  doing that nasty chore that no one likes to do!! 

Our service includes walking your yard in a systematic fashion to ensure we don’t miss any landmines and hauling it away free of charge. Also, our first priority is keeping your pets and family safe, we take great care in keeping our tools sanitized at all times and we wear foot protection in case we step in any hidden love me nots from your fur babies. 


Dog Poop Removal


Simply said, we scoop up what you or anyone in your family wants to scoop, DOG POOP! 

We can provide 1-5 days a week depending on your needs or we can do a one time cleanup for that special occasion. We also provide an odor killer for your dog runs or any Infected area of concern. 

Cat Box Service


If you’re tired of cleaning the cat box then we can help! Our litter box service includes providing you with four standard cat boxes (lids not included) and a monthly supply of all natural, biodegradable cat litter (10lbs per cat). Call or email for details..

Odor Control


Having a professional pooper scooper on your side is great, but what’s the point in having the poo removed if the smell is still lingering around? We provide OdorMute to battle the smell of urine and waste, using safe Enzyme technology that removes the odor on a Molecular level. 


These are our current prices for 2019, if you would like service done 3-5 days a week please call.

Burnt Grass Repair


Brown/Burnt grass caused by dog urine is un-pleasant to look at. We’ve got the answer to your problem with our grass paint. Non toxic and safe for the whole family. 

Recycling ♻️